Session 1

Assess your relationship strengths and growth areas, your family of origin, past relationship trauma, and other issues unique to your relationship.
Homework: Complete your assessments

Session 2

Interpretation and discussion of the assessment findings. All 3 of the assessments that we offer are supported by research that helps couples identify areas to strengthen before the wedding.

Session 3

Self-identity and boundaries. Understanding healthy boundaries, how to build and maintain them is vital to establishing good communication with each other and your children.

Session 4

Communication and conflict resolution skills. Research shows these two topics to be the most important to cover well in premarital programs.

Session 5

Finances, career goals, physical, emotional, spiritual health, and/or other conflict areas that are unique to you and your partner.

Session 6

Parenting styles, effective co-parenting, discipline, family values, and working as a team. At this session, you may decide to have your children present if desired.

Session 7

Sex and sexual intimacy.

Session 8

Connection habits, maintaining intimacy, and sustaining commitment.