About Us

We are individuals, we are a couple, we are students and coaches who have spent the last two decades studying relationships, self-identity, boundaries, intimacy, and love.

About Us


We are individuals, we are a couple, we are students and coaches who have spent the last two decades studying relationships, self-identity, boundaries, intimacy, and love.

Maybe rethinking intimacy can heal the world.

Relationships are in crisis. Marriages are in crisis. Even in families of faith, the divorce rate is a staggering 70%. Of couples that choose to stay married, most are unhappy.

The Bottom Line:


We believe that coaching is forward movement.

We believe everyone can change.

We believe that the family unit is the most powerful thing on earth.

Our Story

We met in 2020 and married in 2021. We both are remarried and came to our relationship with a string of past failed marriages. 

What can we know?

Together we have 7 kids. Yes, I know.  It's helpful to know who we are referencing when we share our stories:

Daun's Story

daun hall 3 years old

The Beginning...


I lived in Boise, ID with my Mom and Dad. Here, I am 2. My next sister wasn't born until I was almost 4.

daun kindergarten



Off we go to Kindergarten! I attended a private fundamental Baptist school for most of my primary years. This was my uniform. 

Daun hall 6 years

The Artist


This picture reminds me of who I am. As a small child, my favorite things to do were to write, draw, think, and teach. All the things that still give me joy.

Travis' Story

Travis Hall Baby

The Beginning...


No, that isn't when this picture was taken, but it's close! I was born in McCook, NE and consider Curtis, NE one of my home towns. After my Mom and Dad divorced, I moved to Roundup, MT for 2 years, then to Dayton, WY where I lived with Mom until 6th grade.

Travis Hall Kids

My 4...ain't they cute?


I think my youngest was about 6 months in this pic, which would make my oldest 16! Yes, I know that's a range!


Dad's Side


One of the few pictures I have of Dad, Stepmom, Brother, Sister and me...maybe the only one? Oh, and Grandma was there too!

Grandma passed away from cancer in 2002 and Dad passed away from a heart attack after surgery in 2017.


My Inspiration


I titled this picture "Attitude"...I like to think that they are looking at me for direction.

Travis Hall Family Mom Photo

Mom's Side


Mom, me and the rest of my siblings. We are so close, but yet so far away from each other.

Sadly, I lost my youngest sister to drugs and Mom to cancer in 2018.


Never Happier!


Daun and I in our engagement photo. What a strong woman she is!

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