Fierce Intimacy Podcast

A podcast for couples with blended families at Fierce Intimacy. You'll discover how you take your relationship with your partner and step-kids from "Let me out! What a mess!" to "Bring it on! We couldn't be happier!" and mean it.

Most Recent Episodes

sex in a blended family

E6: Let’s Talk About Sex | Intimacy in Blended Family Marriage

It's near Valentine's Day and what is a better topic to talk about than sex? In this episode, ...
How To Connect With Your Partner - EP10 - Podcast

E5: How To Build Connection & Intimacy Through Daily Habits

In this week's session, we talk about building intimacy through daily habits. Lack of connection or intimacy is the ...
Talking About Money with Your Partner - Blended Family

E4: Let’s Talk About Money | Financial Problems in Blended Families

In this episode, Daun and Travis talk about money issues and finances in the context of the blended ...
Crucial Conversations - Podcast

E3: How To Have Crucial Conversations With Your Spouse & Step-Kids

In this episode, Daun and Travis talk about how to navigate sensitive topics with your spouse, partner, or ...
How to Adult In Your Marriage

E2: How To Adult In Your Marriage

In this episode, Daun and Travis talk about adulting. Why it's important to adult in your marriage especially ...
how to plan goals with your partner episode 1 podcast

Setting Goals With Your Partner

In this, our initial episode, Daun and Travis hit off the New Year talking about goal planning with ...


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