Build Relational Intimacy, Strengthen Foundations & Restore Joy

Blended Family Support & Development

Marriages, families, and lives are being destroyed by a lack of connection and belonging

If you could make lasting changes in your marriage, would you?

Relationships are in crisis. Marriages are in crisis. Even in families of faith, the divorce rate is a staggering 70%. Of couples that choose to stay married, most are unhappy.


Broken Communication

quarreling couples

Parenting Battles


Overwhelming Stress

We Don't Believe It Needs To Be This Way

You can have...

positive communication

Positive Communication

Understand how to be task-oriented in your communication with your partner, identifying problems and discussing how to solve them together. Creating an environment that prioritizes connection through effective talking and listening that encourages a foundation of support.

happy family

Successful Parenting Strategies

Understand where you are at, the unique puzzle pieces that are each individual in your blended family, and implement tools that can transform and bring healing.  You can learn how to parent as a team, meeting each child where they are at.

blended family harmony

Effective Stress Management

All families experience stress, but strong blended families possess the ability to manage both daily stressors and difficult life crises creatively and effectively. You can learn how to prevent trouble before it happens, and how to work together to meet inevitable challenges when they occur.

We believe that coaching is forward movement.

We believe everyone can change.

We believe that the family unit is the most powerful thing on earth.

You are not alone.

The dynamics that make up blended families are complicated at best. Although you love your partner, you may not automatically love his/her children, and they may not automatically love you.

Each blended family is unique yet faces similar challenges. 

Not only do we serve blended families, but we also come from blended families and have a blended family.

We're here to help. You can build the blended family that you dream of. We offer the tools, resources, and support you need to do it.

  • Marriage & Family Graduate Students
  • Emotionally Focused Coaching
  • Gottman Institute Coaches
  • Proven processes that develop strong blended families
  • Faith-Based Counseling


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