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Dealing With Your Toxic Ex - Co-Parenting Counseling

Dealing with A Toxic Ex

By Travis Hall / March 21, 2022

Allll my exes live in Texas…I just dated myself didn’t I? Well, no…my exes don’t live in Texas. One lives in SC and the other lives in WA. So what? So, I don’t have to worry about them…right? Wrong…maybe worry is the wrong word…concerned? Aware? See, even though they are my exes, they are also…

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blended family goals


By Travis Hall / March 15, 2022

Goals…yep…I have ‘em! A lot of ’em! One was to have this post done 2 weeks ago…see how that works? The truth is, that no matter what goals we set for ourselves or our families, they’re all pipe dreams unless we do the work.  I can rattle off a bunch of excuses why I didn’t…

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discipline in the blended family

Discipline…the hard truth!

By Travis Hall / February 11, 2022

What do you think of when I say “discipline”? A lot of people automatically think about kids behaving badly. The definition of discipline is–the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience. So what does that mean?… Anyone?… Bueller? I’ll tell you what it means to…

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Travis and Cullen 3

Huh? Are you listening?

By Travis Hall / January 28, 2022

I was taught how to listen by my oldest daughter when she was about 14. She was explaining the trials and tribulations of being a teenager in high school and I, being the loving and doting father I am, tried to tell her how to “fix” these “problems”.  She looked me squarely in the eye…

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creating boundaries marriage

Learning to Adult | Building Internal Psychological Boundaries

By Daun Hall / November 18, 2021

We are sitting at the breakfast table on an otherwise blustery Saturday.  It’s a bustle of activity, Travis has made French Toast, and it’s on the table with the plates, forks, butter knives, and syrup.  I’m getting coffee and watching the cream swirl into the dark liquid. And then, like a roaring lion, mid-stir, I…

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