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Dealing With Your Toxic Ex - Co-Parenting Counseling

Dealing with A Toxic Ex

Allll my exes live in Texas…I just dated myself didn’t I? Well, no…my exes don’t live in Texas. One lives ...
blended family goals


Goals…yep…I have ‘em! A lot of 'em! One was to have this post done 2 weeks ago…see how that works? ...
discipline in the blended family

Discipline…the hard truth!

What do you think of when I say “discipline”? A lot of people automatically think about kids behaving badly. The ...
Travis and Cullen 3

Huh? Are you listening?

I was taught how to listen by my oldest daughter when she was about 14. She was explaining the trials ...
creating boundaries marriage

Learning to Adult | Building Internal Psychological Boundaries

We are sitting at the breakfast table on an otherwise blustery Saturday.  It's a bustle of activity, Travis has made ...